Engine and chief run 2nd Fire of the Day

A few hours after clearing the fire on 38th St, Engine 343 and Chief 34B were alerted for the apartment fire in a standpiped midrise apartment building. First arriving Engine Co. 44 reported nothing evident, and began to investigate along with Truck 716. Units quickly located a kitchen fire, which was extinguished by Engine 702. Searches were negative and the fire was quickly placed under control with no extension to the upper floors. Chief 34B was the incident commander for the duration of the fire.

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Truck/Chief Run first fire of the day

To start the day off, Truck 34 and surrounding 4th Battalion fire units were alerted for a house on fire with confirmed people trapped in the 5000 block of 38th Street. The ladder truck responded as the RIT truck, along with Chief 34B. First arriving units found an advanced fire on the first floor of the home and initiated an aggressive interior attack to support the primary searches. As Truck 34 arrived, Truck 9 was in the process of performing a Vent-Enter-Search tactic in the reported victim’s location, and two personnel from Truck 34 were requested to lend a hand while the remainder of the crew set up the RIT. The two members from 34 searches two bedrooms with negative results, while the other 5 crew members completed a 360 degree size up of the home, developed a rescue plan, and stood fast. The fire was extinguished with two lines in operation, and all searches remained negative. The Lieutenant from Engine 55 (first arriving) sustained burns to his ears, and we wish him a speedy recovery (especially since he is a former shift man at 34).

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Early Morning First Due Fire

1904157_616473105092286_1026520649_nAt approximately 0200hrs engine343 was alerted to the 8300 block of 15th avenue for a reported house fire. The engine company arrived on scene with smoke showing from the top of the roof. A line was taken to the attic where the fire was located and extinguished. The engine company operated for an hour and a half preforming overhaul and checking for hot spots before returning to service.

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Keys To The Kingdom

Around 6:45pm yesterday afternoon, the Bomberos de Langley Park were alerted for a routine service call in Montgomery County for a lock-out. While helping the citizen in need who couldn’t seem to find their keys, we also handed over the keys to our first due area as the house fire was dropped in the 2800 block of Curry Drive.

After clearing the service call, Engine 341 arrived just behind Engine Co. 11 and Truck 1 as units found a 2 story split level home with fire in the second floor. After securing the water supply, the Bomberos grabbed a line and advanced to the second floor to extinguish the fire with Co. 11. Searches were negative and units were returned after significant overhaul.

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2013 Video Released

Another busy year in the park! With over 7,000 runs this year we’ve managed to scrape together some footage from calls over the past year.

The CAVFD is actively recruiting live-in firefighters for 2014! We provide room and board, tuition assistance, free training, free gear, and PLENTY of action and experience. Join the brotherhood today! Email the membership committee for more information at membership@34box.com

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2013 Run Stats

The stats are in!

The Chillum-Adelphi VFD responded to 7,016 incidents in 2013. 5,026 of these incidents were in our first due.

Engine Co.: 2,368

Truck Co.: 500

Ambulance: 4,148

We are looking forward to a busy 2014 in The Park! Don’t forget to schedule a ride along and come join the action!

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Two Small Fires for the Bomberos

1517540_596892663716997_976608519_nOn January 10th at approximately 2300 hours, Co. 34 was alerted for the first due apartment fire in the 1000 block of University Blvd. E341 arrived on scene to find a 3 story garden apartment with nothing evident. Upon investigation, a closet fire was found and quickly extinguished by Engine Co. 34 and Truck 716 crew members. All units were in service in approximately 30 minutes.

On January 13th Engine 844 was dispatched for an investigation of an odor of smoke. They arrived on scene, and located a fire in an apartment that had been held in check by a sprinkler. Truck 34 assisted with smoke removal and secured water to the sprinkler system before returning to service.

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Truck takes in Montgomery fire

Truck 34 was dispatched to the 7300 block of Flower Ave. for the attic fire. Initial units arrived on scene with smoke showing.  Truck 34 arrived on scene and reported to the fire apartment to help check with extension and preform overhaul. Truck 34 was placed back in service shortly after.

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December meeting moved

**Attention all members** The December meeting has been moved to Monday December 30th at 1930 hours. The annual holiday meal will be served at 1800 hours.

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Engine runs one trapped


Just before 0300 hours on 12/7 E343 and the ambulance were alerted to Metzerott Rd and Adelphi Rd for the Accident with injuries.  While en-route communications advised that they were upgrading the assignment.  Chief 14B arrived on scene to find a corrected location in the 2800 block of Metzerott Rd.   Engine 343 arrived on scene and deployed an attack line for protection.  Squad 14 arrived on scene, but had to re-position due access being blocked by downed power lines.  After re-positioning Squad 14 extricated the patient in approximately 5 minutes after removing the B post, doors, and roof. The patient was then taken to a local trauma center by Medic 12.

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