The Year in Review

The new video for 2014 is up, courtesy of live-in Firefighter Alan Owen. See what you missed this past year and come get in on the action!


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Engine Runs 44 Apartment Fire

At approximately 1830hrs E834 was dispatched as the third-due engine for an apartment fire on the 5400 block of 16th Ave, in company 44′s area. Units arrived at a garden apartment operated to find fire throughout the cockloft. The below-freezing weather conditions caused hydrants to freeze, forcing E834 to supply the first due wagon and also complete their third due responsibilities. The fire was quickly knocked using multiple engine and truck companies. All searches were negative.

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Truck runs 55 Task Force

Thursday, February 12: Company 34 was dispatched at about 0530 to a working fire on the 4000 block of 37th Street in Bunker Hill, in Co. 55’s first due. Truck 34 responded as the first due special service on the task force alarm upgrade. Crews arrived to find one house fully involved with fire spreading to houses on either side. Company 34 entered the side delta exposure house and completed a primary search of the basement division, checked for extension on the first and second floors, and conducted fire suppression and ventilation on the second floor. Truck 34 was held on scene for approximately 5 hours to complete overhaul and was released at 1030am.

photo image


Read more about the incident and watch the pre-arrival video courtesy of NBC Washington.

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Engine runs first due fire

Wednesday, February 11: At approximately 1500, Company 34 was dispatched to the 7900 block of Riggs Rd for a first due apartment fire. Engine 343 arrived on scene to find a room and contents fire in a terrace level apartment. Engine 343’s crew deployed the 400’ attack line and quickly knocked the fire, confining it to the room of origin. Command held 2 and 1 to rack up.

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Passing of Chief Barry Beauchamp

It is with a heavy heart that The Officers and Members of the Chillum Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department announce the passing of Past Fire Chief Barry Beauchamp. Chief Beauchamp served as Fire Chief from 1985-1993.

Upon his retirement from the Federal Government, Chief Beauchamp moved to Oriental, North Carolina. He was a member and first responder of The Florence/Whortonsville VFD and Past Chief of Southeast Pamlico V.F.D. He was an EMS instructor at Pamlico Community College and was instrumental in starting the First Responder Program in Pamlico County. Chief Beauchamp also served as Assistant Pamlico County Fire Marshal.

As of now, no services have been announced. Please keep the Beauchamp family in your thoughts and prayers.

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A Fire a Week…

The new year has continued to bring a steady supply of action for company 34, with six working fires since the start of 2015.

On February 6, Engine, Truck and Chief 34 were dispatched to 8300 Baltimore Ave(Co. 12) for the fire in the trash chute of an 11 story apartment building. Engine Co. 34 was dispatched as 4th engine and positioned on Baltimore Ave while the crew stretched a 400 foot line off of Engine Co. 1 to the stairwell. Fire was contained and units from upper floors reported a fair amount of smoke. Engine 343 handled division 2 and 3 while the truck co. was sent to division 5. Engine and Truck operated for approximately one hour before returning to quarters.

On February 4, Truck 34 responded with 8 personnel to the 7900 Block of Flower Ave. for the apartment fire. Crews arrived on scene with nothing evident, and after investigating found a contents fire in the Delta/Charlie apartment. Truck 34 broke into two teams of four, interior team handled searches and exterior team threw 186 feet of portable ground ladders on three sides of the building. The fire was quickly extinguished, all searches proved negative and crews were placed in service at the 1 hour mark.

On January 30, Engine 341 and Truck 34 responded to the scene of a first due house fire in the 8400Blk of 12th Ave. Units had fire showing upon arrival of a 2-story duplex.

On January 22, Truck 34 arrived as first due truck to company 44s area. Engine 44 arrived on scene to find a single story middle of the group row home with smoke showing. Engine 44 and Truck 34 found a small kitchen fire that was quickly extinguished. Searches proved negative and fire was contained to one unit. Command held Engine 44 and Truck 34 for overhaul, both units went available and the incident was terminated within one hour of dispatch.

IMG_8597racking hose on 341crew photo 7900blk flower ave

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A Hot Start to 2015: 2 Working Fires in One Week

We’re just a few days into the new year, and it’s already shaping up to be a busy one for the Bomberos. This past week, Company 34 ran two working fires in nearby areas in addition to protecting the citizens of Langley Park.

Shortly after 0430 on Saturday January 3rd, Company 34 was dispatched as the 4th due engine for a house fire on the 7400 block of Dartmouth Ave., in Company 12’s area. Crews arrived to find a 2-story home with heavy fire showing from the 2nd floor and the roof. Engine 34 completed the 3rd due engine’s water supply, then advanced the 400’ attack line to the second floor of the building via side Charlie to help extinguish the fire.

At 1240 on Wednesday January 7th, Company 34 was dispatched to another house fire, this time as the second due engine to the 1900 block of Oliver St. in Company 44’s area. Units arrived to find a duplex house with smoke showing from the 2nd floor and the eaves. Engine 34’s crew helped the first due engine advance their line to the second floor and stretched their own attack line to protect the first floor.

Strong work by all, especially our trusty FireCat!

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Bomberos To Host Fire Prevention Open House

The Chillum Adelphi Volunteer Fire Department will host a Fire Prevention Open on Sunday October 5th from 11am-3pm.

Come out for Fire Prevention information, fire fighter demonstrations, car seat checks and much more.

See you Sunday!

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We’re Still Here, and Going to Fires. We promise.

Recently the bomberos have been taking in a few daytime fires.


June 16th – 55 House Fire

At 1300 hours, Engine 834 was alerted to respond to the 7600 Block of 16th Avenue for a reported house fire. Engine 834 arrived on scene to find smoke showing from side alpha. Both Engine 834 and Truck 801 operated on the 1st floor to extinguish the fire.

June 9th – 44 House Fire

At 1600 hours, Engine 834 was alerted to respond to the 6900 Block of 18th Avenue in Co. 44s area for a reported house fire. With 44 being on a med local E834 arrived on scene to find a bedroom off with extension on the second floor.  E834 834 operated with Tower 807 to extinguish the fire.



June 1st – 55 House Fire
At 1131 hours, Engine 834B was alerted to respond to the 4500 block of Russell Avenue in Co. 55s area for the reported house fire. First arriving units arrived on scene to find a single family home with smoke showing. Engine 834B arrived as third due Engine and completed a split lay. After completing the water supply they stretched a line to division 1 to assist the first arriving companies.  After the fire was knocked the crew assisted with overhaul of division 1. Engine 834B operated on the scene for 90 minutes before being returning to service.

May 20th – 11 House Fire
At 13:30 hours, Engine 834B was alerted to respond to the 9000 block of Gettysburg Lane in Co. 11s area for a reported house on fire. First arriving units found a two story split level home with fire through the roof. Engine 834B arrived as the second engine and assisted with backing up the first line.  The fire was quickly contained to division 2 and the attic area. The crew operated for a little over an hour before being placed in-service.

May 30th – 7 Apartment Fire
At 17:26 hours, Truck 834 was alerted to respond to 4410 Oglethorpe Street in Co. 7s area for a report of smoke on the sixth floor of an apartment building. Engine 801 located a kitchen fire on the sixth floor and requested the working fire dispatch. Truck 834 arrived and took a position on side charlie.  The crew began checking the floor above and assisting Truck 814 with ventilation of the stairwells. After completing a primary on the floor above the crew went to the fire floor to assist first arriving companies. Truck 834 operated on the fire ground for a little under an hour before returning to service.10476004_664232863668570_298400629_n

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Truck Runs Early Morning Montgomery Job

At approximately 3AM, truck 34 was alerted to the 6800 block of Westmoreland avenue for the reported house fire. Initial units from reported fire on the first and second floors. Truck 34 arrived on scene and immediately went to work after splitting their crew. The inside crew went up to the second floor to assist with searching, while the outside crew assisted with ladders and ventilation. The bomberos operated on scene for about 3 hours helping with the fire.

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